Monday, June 25, 2012

Female Action Movie Week - BARB WIRE

Female Action Movie Week - Bard Wire
Okay, Boot Nation, time to break out the really big guns this week and show some of the most powerful goddesses ever to put on a pair of boots and  carry a gun. Tonight, we kick off Female Action Movie Week with Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire. This movie is really about Thigh High Boots. One of my favorite movies ever made. Pamela does some nice fight scenes and she is so graceful in her thigh-high boots it is like shes not even wearing high heels. As a bonus, the director gave us a boot trample scene (part 3). This is female power at its height!

Barb Wire - Part 1
Barb Wire - Part 2
Barb Wire - Part 3
Barb Wire - Part 4
Barb Wire - Part 5
Barb Wire - Part 6
Barb Wire - Part 7
Barb Wire - Part 8
Barb Wire - Part 9
Barb Wire - Part 10

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