Thursday, April 26, 2012

FireHouse Grill & Brewery is the Official Southbay Restaurant

FireHouse Grill & Brewery is the Offical Southbay Restaurant of Boot Nation!
FireHouse is a sportsbar and ALL of the servers wear knee high boots as part of their uniforms.
Sports and Boots. The best combination of all-time. There are locations in Sunnyvale and East Palo Alto. The Sunnyvale location is located in the historic downtown district. Even when every other bar on the strip is emtpy, FireHouse is packed. The girls are the main attraction. It is an honor to interact with all of these booted ladies. Kat, featured in the above commercial has been my server several times. She is obviously very pretty and wears Great Boots!
The Palo Alto location is located across from IKEA. This location is struggling a bit and needs our support. Ask for Taylor when you go and tell her BootBoy sent you.

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